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  The normal operation of industrial processes, maintenance needs of owners technical engineers and technicians. Sdmsseal provide a range of training courses, to help the user pipeline process and the maintenance more clearly understand the mechanical seal products, function, principle, installation and technical requirements, maintenance and technical requirements.

  In the past 20 years,Sdmsseal provides technical training services for many customers, and effectively improve the Sdmsseal products in the actual condition of the installation and the conditions of use, improve the relevant skills customer unit technical engineers and technicians, and effectively improve the service life of the product operation, reduce the operation cost of the customer.

  Sdmsseal technical training is divided into paid training and free training, different content and time, the general content:

  ● Mechanical seals type selection
  ● Mechanical seals principle
  ● Technology requirements of mechanical seals installation
  ● Auxiliary system requirements of mechanical seals
  ● Operation requirements technology of mechanical seals

  ● Exception handing of mechanical seals

Any questions about product design, welcome to Sdms Seal Co., Ltd. technology center:

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