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How to make mechanical seal storage and protection

How to make mechanical seal storage and protection

A  The storage of mechanical seals
1.Mechanical seal storage environment conditions
(1) Air relative humidity below
(2) The temperature in 15 ~ 25 ℃
(3) Clean
(4) Good ventilation
(5) Should avoid direct exposure to heat source (the sun and heat
(6) Ozone and ultraviolet light, halogen or fluorescent lamp), otherwise, the risk of embrittlement elastic material.
2. For storage over a period of about 2 ~ 3 years of mechanical seal of the container
(1) The user should check the tightness of assembly parts
(2) Check whether there is a deformation due to the nature
(3) Before use, check whether all the elastic element failure can guarantee its work cycle in the life period.
(4) Check the flatness of mechanical seal face to meet the design requirements.

Second, the mechanical seal of protection

1.Because a lot of dynamic and static ring sealed brittle crack, such as accidentally knock against possible damage, so measures should be taken to avoid sealing ring damage.Don't place the sealing surface random;General use clean fiber braid protected;Don't use hands and other objects direct contact with the sealing face;It is strictly prohibited in the process of handling, inspection and installation have any knock against sealing ring.
2.Avoid seal contact other liquids, to prevent damage.In general, unless there are special provisions, don't touch the mineral oil or other oil seal of the rubber sealing ring;It is forbidden to contact corrosion chemical liquid.Check whether the seal is in the period of validity.

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