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5 ways to solve the water pump mechanical seals leakage problem

Leaking water from pump mechanical seal failure is one of the most failure in pump failure, so the pump mechanical seal are also one of the more critical parts wearing parts, the pump need to  select  the mechanical seal material which must be able to fit the user delivery a liquid medium, usually water pump factory are Viton mechanical seals and some manufacturers are NBR mechanical seals, if more serious corrosive material was chosen PTFE mechanical seals.

Step / Methods:
The first possible reason in the mechanical seal of water leakage is mechanical seal dynamic and static wear ring plane. The reasons caused by mechanical seal dynamic and static wear ring plane has five reasons:

1.Install tight. Observe the movement of the mechanical seal ring plane, if severe burning phenomenon, graphic black and deep traces, sealing rubber harden, loss of elasticity, this phenomenon is caused due to the installation tight. Approach: adjust the mounting height, the impeller is installed with a screwdriver slide spring, there is a strong tension spring, after the reset release, there 2-4mm moving distance can be.

2.Installed loose. Observation mechanical seal dynamic and static ring plane, its surface a thin layer of scale, can wipe the surface almost no wear, which is loss of elasticity and spring caused by poor assembly, or cause axial movement of the motor.

3.Poor water quality containing particles. Due to poor water quality, containing small particles and medium hydrochloride content, form abrasive wear mechanical seal groove surface plane or strain, the ring groove and so on. Approach: Improved water pressure or media, replace the mechanical seal.

4.Causing water to run dry grinding damage. This phenomenon is more common at the end of the inlet valve installation form a negative pressure air inlet pipe, pump cavity with air, the pump power, high temperature mechanical seal friction during high-speed operation, can not be cooled, check the mechanical seal, spring tension normal friction surface charred black, rubber hard to crack. Approach: row despite road and air pump cavity, replace the mechanical seal.

5.Cavitation. Cavitation is mainly produced in the heat pump. Since the medium is water, the water temperature is too high to produce steam, vapor inside the pipe into the pump chamber height, this part of the vapor can not be excluded, resulting in dry running mechanical seal dry mill failure, cavitation install automatic row valve, replace the mechanical seals.

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